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How to take the shackles off talent management

There are considerable rewards in rethinking what we mean by talent and how it can also be led, writes Roger Collins Great talent makes a great difference. The best available evidence indicates that appointing people who are one standard deviation above the mean on the relevant criteria can deliver more […]

How leaders can develop great teams in 5 steps

Contrary to traditional thinking, leadership is not a role but a set of tasks, and leaders should follow a five-step approach to developing teams in order to maximise results, according to the authors of A Team of Leaders. “One of the fundamental differences that we have with the traditional systems […]

Keys to talent management in Tabcorp

Attracting, retaining and developing talent is the responsibility of all leaders in an organisation, and it is critical to have company directors, CEO and senior leadership team on-board with the process of talent management, according to Merryl Dooley, executive general manager, human resources for Tabcorp Holdings. “Over the past few […]

3 steps for HR Leaders to manage culture change

To successfully manage culture change within organisations, HR leaders must be agile, proactive and foresee the paradigms of the future to help get the business and key stakeholders on board, according to Cindy Reid, head of HR for Konica Minolta. In order to develop a plan for the future and […]

5 steps to improving workforce productivity

Productivity metrics don’t feature heavily enough on performance scorecards and many organisations are unable to truly define, measure and track productivity at the individual level, according to a global consulting firm. As such, organisations often find it easier to use traditional outcome based-financial measures as a proxy for workforce productivity, […]