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In the midst of economic turbulence, companies exhibiting high performance effectively respond through the fundamental cultural values on which they are builtIn the midst of economic turbulence, high-performing companies effectively respond through the fundamental cultural values on which they are built

4 steps to building a culture of high performance

HR executives in high-performing firms are highly skilled in understanding the nuances of market-based business priorities and their cultural implications, writes Wayne Brockbank Six weeks ago I had the unique opportunity to interview the senior HR executives from 15 globally recognised firms in the financial, defence and high-tech sectors. Most of […]

HR needs to focus on doing the right things for the business if performance is to flourish

5 keys to high performance in today’s workplace

Josh Bersin discusses the five key changes HR can implement to ensure business performance flourishes in today’s new world of work High performance in today’s workplace is increasingly difficult. People are flooded with emails, text messages, conference calls and meetings (we call this “the overwhelmed employee” problem, which almost three-quarters […]

High performing companies design their executive compensation programs differently from many other companies

3 ways top performing companies reward executives

High-performing companies do not take a “one size fits all” approach to executive pay program design, but instead place a greater emphasis on stock options and target compensation levels at market median rates, according to recent global research. The Towers Watson study found that high-performing organisations, unlike other companies in […]