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A key element in the future of performance management will be to focus people on trying to improve rather than prove themselves. This will activate more of a ‘growth mindset’

Performance management: are you ready for change?

Shifting trends in performance management systems are giving rise to greater collaboration, motivation and employee engagement, writes David Rock Companies have long spent considerable energy trying to develop scalable systems for keeping track of, motivating and rewarding the performance of their employees. In the 1970s, Aubrey Daniels coined the term “performance […]

7 keys to simplifying performance management

While many organisations are rethinking their approach to performance management, they should avoid innovating for innovation’s sake, and instead take a realistic and measured approach to redesigning performance management processes, according to PwC. Performance management has been a hotly debated topic of late, and PwC people business partner Emma Grogan […]

Why continuous coaching is replacing performance management

What’s next for performance management?

Many leading organisations are moving away from viewing performance management as a once-a-year event where employees are assessed and evaluated, to a series of ongoing activities that include goal-setting and revising, managing and coaching, development planning, and rewarding and recognition. However, support for such activities across current performance management solutions […]

The effectiveness of performance reviews have come under scrutiny of late, and HR professionals can help managers with more effective ways to benchmark and measure performance

Performance reviews: how to melt the management permafrost

The effectiveness of performance reviews have come under scrutiny of late, and HR needs to help managers with more effective ways to benchmark and measure performance expectations, writes Lisa Rubenstein Companies around the world are picking up the battle cry to kill traditional performance reviews. And with good reason. Studies have shown that […]