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Strategies to consider in pursuit of improving productivity and innovation.

5 ways to boost productivity and innovation

Engaged employees are at least three and a half times more likely than disengaged employees to be committed to improving productivity, and almost five times more likely than disengaged employees to say their organisation is committed to bringing innovative products and services to the marketplace. A recent research report, which […]

Liz Hargreaves, HR manager at Unisys outlines the importance of a flexible work model.

Boosting productivity with flexibility at Unisys

A blended flexible work model has played a key role in optimising workforce productivity, boosting collaboration and improving employee engagement at Unisys, according to its HR manager, Liz Hargreaves. In the past, Unisys allowed staff to choose the days and hours spent in the office, and for some, this meant […]

4 steps to boosting engagement and workforce productivity

There are four steps organisations and their HR leaders can take to improve employee engagement and workforce productivity, according to Natalie Jones, people and organisation director at Mars Food Australia. 1. Understand and prioritise engagement Firstly, she recommended prioritising engagement and taking some time to explore what engagement means to […]

Successful campaigns for improving productivity are characterised by leaders who truly enable others to be the best they can. Source: iStock

Don’t forget productivity is in the hands of people

Engaging the hearts and minds of your people towards improving productivity enables them to become your invaluable partners in success, writes Dave Hanna Tough financial times call for increases in productivity. This sends managers in a frantic search for the right buttons to push. Budgets? Downsizing? New marketing campaigns? Supply […]