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Managers should utilise positive psychology by rewarding appropriate displays of positive emotion

How to boost productivity through positive psychology

Fear in the workplace can have a significant impact on performance and collaboration, according to positive psychology expert Tim Sharp, who said managers and leaders need to spend more time looking out for opportunities to catch people doing things right and recognising positive behaviours. Fear, like all emotions, has advantages […]

TAL encourages high levels of collaboration, openness, trust and accountability, which all helps in building an ethical business, according to its group CEO, Jim Minto

How TAL generates a people productivity dividend

In response to considerable change in life insurance markets, TAL has reorganised how it does business in order to provide customers with a seamless, engaging experience which helps them understand the firm’s value proposition, according to its group CEO, Jim Minto. “Building consumer trust is a huge issue for this […]

4 steps to improving productivity

When it comes to improving productivity, one of the biggest challenges for organisations is to think outside the square when it comes to addressing the need to improve the bottom line, and not just freeze salary costs or offshore jobs to low cost economies, according to Ephraim Spehrer-Patrick, principal in Mercer’s […]