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Swisse Wellness’s director of people and culture, Catherine Crowley, says HR must be “deeply involved” in setting and driving strategy

Swisse’s keys to HR success

The key to linking human capital management to financial outcomes in Swisse Wellness is to ensure that every team member has a very clear set of goals and key performance indicators which are wholly aligned with the business’s strategy, according to its director of people and culture, Catherine Crowley. With […]

How should HR handle leaders who don't step up to the plate?

What can we do when our leaders fail to lead?

Failing or non-existent leadership presents HR with a unique opportunity to strengthen initiatives that encourage self-leadership, agility and proactivity amongst employees, writes Roger Collins In times of change, uncertainty and crisis, the importance of and interest in leadership rise like cream to the top of a milk churn. Why is […]

How savvy do you think your organisation is?

How savvy is your organisation?

Corporate savviness is a holistic measure of how effective your organisation is. Murad Salman Mirza details the corporate savviness barometer and outlines the process of assessing how savvy your business is Corporate savviness is an organisational characteristic that refers to the enterprising use of a collection of core organisational competencies, ie, Key Savviness […]

Getting the customer centric culture right is just the beginning.

CBA’s 4 step plan: developing a customer centric mindset

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has reinvented the way it engages customers. Vanessa Gavan explores the bank’s four phase approach to developing a customer centric mindset and outlines the steps organisations can take to transform their own approach to customer engagement The notion of customer centricity within traditionally asset driven industries, including […]