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Employer branding will play an increasingly important role for companies

3 ways HR can build a top employer brand

Top employer brands dedicate an average budget of 70 percent more on supporting employer brand initiatives compared to other brands, while twice as many top brands have a defined and documented strategy as compared to other brands, according to recent research. It found that companies need to differentiate between their […]

Having an understanding of culture is about interpreting the writing on the wall for HR. Source: Thinkstock

3 steps for HR to effective culture change

Many CEOs and HR practitioners lack a thorough understanding of culture, and as a result, attempts to change culture often miss the deeper aspects of cultures such as beliefs, world views and the ethos of employees, according to an expert in the field. CEOs too often assume that they only […]

The HR priorities of 2014 include steps to ensure talent supports business growth. Source: Thinkstock

What are HR’s top 7 priorities for 2014?

Weak talent infrastructures are threatening corporate growth and impeding strategic HR support, according to a recent research report, which found that rapid intervention is needed to strengthen the rigour of current talent practices if HR is to help build the foundations for corporate growth through talent development and acquisition. As […]

There are four steps to getting the assessment & development process right to ensure your organisation has the right talent for the job. Source: Thinkstock

4 steps to selecting the right talent

HR leaders should follow four steps in getting the assessment process right when it comes to selecting and hiring the right talent for their business, according to an international HR consulting firm. The first step is to build the return on investment (ROI) for assessment purposes, as better data enables […]

Good technology infrastructure can help enable HR business strategy

How technology can enable HR

An integrated HR management system can deliver a host of benefits that will enable the HR function to become an advisor to the business, writes James Hewitt Few would argue with the fact that the talent market has become increasingly competitive in recent years, and today companies throughout Australia are […]