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HR should partner with other functions to help solve talent shortages

A 3 step plan for HR to address talent shortages

Four out of ten employers in Australia are experiencing talent shortages, yet one in five are still not pursuing strategies to address such shortages, according to a recent research report. HR is the one function with the expertise and influence to reshape their companies’ talent-base by acting decisively to ensure […]

There are six steps to building a remarkable workplace

6 steps to building a remarkable workplace

There are enormous benefits for CEOs who embrace people practices and realise that building a remarkable workplace is no longer a business diversion. The proof is in the profits, writes Mandy Johnson According to a recent CEO Institute survey, the number one issue keeping chief executives awake at night is […]

Lenovo Yoga 10

Lenovo’s vision of the future can be found in its latest Yoga Tablet 10. Featuring a laser-etched back housing which prevents scratches, the device is both elegantly attractive and comfortable to hold. Featuring a 10 inch (1920×1200 pixels) screen with a 178-degree wide viewing angle, the tablet is powered by […]

Organisations can benefit by thinking about talent building as collective behaviour that enhances current performance or enables organisational adaptation and transformation.

How to take the shackles off talent management

There are considerable rewards in rethinking what we mean by talent and how it can also be led, writes Roger Collins Great talent makes a great difference. The best available evidence indicates that appointing people who are one standard deviation above the mean on the relevant criteria can deliver more […]