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HR professionals can harness the power of gamification for business benefit

What HR needs to know about gamification

To harness the power of gamification, HR leaders need to create optional, low-pressure fun so compelling that employees can’t resist participating, writes Richard Landers If you’ve been anywhere even vaguely in the vicinity of a HR technologist lately, you’ve heard the term “gamification”. Gamification has been touted as the solution […]

Finding success as an HR leader is a deliberate process with clear steps to follow.

What does it take to succeed as a HR leader?

A HR leader’s success can be measured by the presence HR has in the senior management decision making process, and this is an important qualitative measurement that indicates whether HR has become a trusted business partner and has transitioned effectively from an internal compliance function. Furthermore, a seat at the […]

Supporting Australian Organisations can promote growth

How HR can add competitive advantage in 3 key steps

Collaboration with business leaders, leadership and high potential development are three key areas where Australian organisations need improvement when it comes to aligning talent to support business growth and improving competitive advantage, according to global consulting firm Right Management. The current business climate is one of constant change, and HR […]

There are many practical applications of big data for HR

How HR can harness big data

There are many practical applications of big data for HR. However, a strong partnership between the business and HR is essential if big data is to yield significant P&L impact, writes Heidi Spirgi Most companies today make hiring, promotion and development decisions based on anecdotal data, a lot of gut […]