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Employers need to prepare for new flexible working rights

Are you prepared for new flexible working rights?

Employees are able to request flexible working conditions under new laws which also place specific obligations on employers, writes Shana Schreier-Joffe Increasingly, courts, tribunals and the government are recognising that the notion of an individual working eight or more hours a day for their employer, with little or no say […]

CEOs are increasingly focusing on the value of human capital to the business. CHROs and the HR function need to be ready for this.

5 key priorities for CHROs in 2014

Chief human resources officers (CHROs) have much more strategic and complex jobs in business and should not be afraid of driving innovation in the HR function, according to a global HR expert In many ways, the CHRO is part chief HR officer, chief people officer, chief culture officer, and chief […]

Employee flight risk

How to beat the rise in employee flight risk

Australian organisations are facing a serious business risk with nearly two-thirds of employees actively or passively looking for a new job, with a similar amount of them looking to move within the next six months, a recent research report has found. Higher remuneration is the main reason people are assessing […]

Good leaders grow revenue

Strong leaders grow revenues twice as fast

Organisations with the strongest leaders have nearly double the revenue growth compared to those with weaker leaders, according to CEB. However, most leaders lack the full complement of skills to thrive in today’s rapidly changing work environment, and CEB said organisations must adjust their approach to leadership and develop leaders […]