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Sony SmartBand SWR10

The SmartBand SWR10 is Sony’s latest foray into wearable tech, and does a lot more than other similar bands which just focus on tracking physical activity for the purposes of improving fitness. What makes the SmartBand “smart” is an innovative Android smartphone app that automatically records your physical, social and […]

Alignment of team members to strategy is crucial for success, says Starlight CEO Louise Baxter

Starlight CEO on driving high performance

Role clarity is an absolute necessity for a high-performing team, according to the CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation, Louise Baxter, who said team members need know their role, what is expected from them, how they are measured and how they can impact strategy. Alignment to strategy is crucial, she said: […]

The HR priorities of 2014 include steps to ensure talent supports business growth. Source: Thinkstock

What are HR’s top 7 priorities for 2014?

Weak talent infrastructures are threatening corporate growth and impeding strategic HR support, according to a recent research report, which found that rapid intervention is needed to strengthen the rigour of current talent practices if HR is to help build the foundations for corporate growth through talent development and acquisition. As […]

There are four steps to getting the assessment & development process right to ensure your organisation has the right talent for the job. Source: Thinkstock

4 steps to selecting the right talent

HR leaders should follow four steps in getting the assessment process right when it comes to selecting and hiring the right talent for their business, according to an international HR consulting firm. The first step is to build the return on investment (ROI) for assessment purposes, as better data enables […]

Building relationships is important to talent management

How to develop talent through relationships

Establishing developmental networks can assist in managing talent and improving relationships across any organisation, write Wendy Murphy & Kathy Kram Growing and developing your workforce is a constant challenge. Not too long ago it was possible to put the right training in place to support your employees and target your […]