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How HR can drive productivity

If we focus on the tools and practices managers need to drive performance, the value HR adds can go up by orders of magnitude, writes Josh Bersin One of the most frustrating HR practices in business today is the annual performance appraisal or performance management process. While most companies continue […]

Leadership underinvestment hampers productivity

All levels of employee believe their skill levels are an average of 25 per cent below what is required to do their job as well as they could, according to recent research. Conducted by Leadership Management Australasia (LMA), the research took in 1900 individuals across five levels of the workforce, […]

How to improve the managerial link to productivity

Debates around productivity improvement are largely inconsequential unless organisations can find and implement innovative ways to build management capabilities and encourage effective people management, according to The University of Melbourne. “Centralised HR functions can put in place policies and procedures to encourage good practice, but we know that to be […]

How middle managers roadblock productivity

Efforts to improve the productivity and performance of Australian organisations are being stymied by inefficient and under skilled middle managers, according to a recent research report. There are around half a million middle managers in Australia, and ATO data shows that 1.2 million Australians list their occupation as ‘manager’, according […]