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SaaS HR software solutions are fundamentally different from earlier on-premise solutions and require new business transformation initiatives to get maximum value.

There’s more to SaaS than simplicity

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of new SaaS tools, maximum value will only be realised by making fundamental changes to key areas in business, writes Rob Scott You could be forgiven for thinking the relative simplicity and user-friendliness of modern HR SaaS solutions need less business transformation effort to embed […]

The rise of the head of people analytics

As CEOs want richer information about human capital and as organisations seek to make sense of an abundance of data through analytics tools, the head of people analytics is emerging as an important executive role, according to a global executive search firm. “With the richness of data available to organisations […]

Leaders and managers routinely forget that true motivation to perform comes from within the individual. There are 7 steps that can be taken to improve workforce motivation Source: iStock

7 strategies for maximising workforce motivation

Modern or ‘new-school’ leaders and managers should be implement seven strategies to improve workforce motivation and discretionary effort on the part of employees, according to a leadership expert. “Leaders and managers in today’s successful and growing organisations are much more strategic and focused on the individual than ever before,” said […]

How to boost performance through technology

HR functions need to keep up-to-speed with mobility strategies to help workforces become more productive and competitive, as advances in technology change the way organisations operate and communicate. Mobility strategies are fast becoming an area which can help enable businesses to improve competitive edges in cost-efficiency and boost productivity, according […]