Productivity: a missed opportunity for HR?

Productivity human resoruces

HR is missing a significant opportunity by not getting involved in the ownership of productivity-related drivers within organisations, according to a leading expert in workforce planning and analytics.

“When we talk about workforce productivity, the interesting thing is HR people don’t really feel like that’s their job,” said Jeff Higgins, CEO of the Human Capital Management Institute, a leading global consultancy which specialises in workforce planning and analytics.

“I would argue this is a huge missed opportunity, because if HR really wants a seat at the table, they are in a pivotal position to affect workforce productivity.

“Those factors that can enhance or really hurt a company’s ability to attract, retain and develop the best people largely sit with HR.”

While this is increasingly dawning on HR, Higgins said more organisations are creating jobs focused purely on workforce planning, analytics, or a combination of both within the HR function.

“This is about bringing capabilities around numbers and analytics to the HR function, with the understanding and intent that they need to link and measure those factors which affect workforce productivity to practices that HR are or could be doing,” he said.

“But there’s a lot of room for improvement. If you had to measure it on a scale of one to 10 – just as a high level aggregate, I would say that most organisations are probably a two or three. So there’s a long way to go.”