Review : Apple Beats X Wireless Earphones

Review : Apple Beats X Wireless Earphones

Combining stylish design, good sound quality and a number of handy features, the Beats X earphones are a great alternative for musically inclined iPhone users.

When Apple purchased Beats by Dre for a whopping US$3 billion back in 2014 it was unknown what the two companies could achieve together. The Beats X earphones provide a glimpse into the power of integrating quality sound production with exquisite design and integrated software.

For previous beats users that may have become accustomed to the heavy-hitting base on most Beats’ headphones, the Beats X, may come as a bit of a disappointment. The base in these headsets is humble and at times the earphones lack the energy and clarity expected from a $149 pair of headphones.

Nevertheless, audiophiles will be satisfied by the remarkable balance that Apple has achieved here. Highs and lows are kept in line and overall the musical experience is one of high quality. Moreover, the earphones do a great job of keeping sound in. So you are free to blast Taylor Swift in the office without turning too many heads.

The Apple design team has done a great job of making these earphones sleek. They sit comfortably around your neck and connect effortlessly through magnets. At times I was told the earphones looked like a piece of jewellery adorning my neck. A definite advantage over most unseemly in-ear sets.

The battery life on the Beats X is standard, giving you 8 hours of playtime. There is, however, a quick charge option that allows you to get up to 2 hours of music from just 5 minutes of charging. This proved to be a lifesaver at times and worked just as advertised.

Furthermore, Apple’s incorporation of the W1 chip into the earphones allows for greatly improved Bluetooth pairing with your IOS devices. The device seamlessly pairs up with your iPhone and the whole process is integrated smoothly into the UI.

The Beats X earphones are a great alternative to the popular Apple Air pods. They are an all-round balanced headphone that are comfortable and easy to use throughout your day. At $139.95 they may leave some music lovers wanting a little more performance. Android users may not be keen to carry a new cable around with them. Nevertheless, for iPhone users these earphones will seamlessly work with their device and are definitely a great addition.