Sennheiser mobile business MB 660 wireless series headphones

Sennheiser mobile business MB 660 wireless series headphones

Sennheiser’s MB 660 UC wireless, UC certified, adaptive headset is designed for knowledge workers who require business-grade communication and premium sound quality for maximum productivity in open offices.

Sennheiser has packed the MB 660 UC headset with a range of technological and other features which meet and exceed expectations. Its “NoiseGard” hybrid adaptive active noise cancellation technology, for example, adjusts to ambient noise to provide the most comfortable listening experience. This allows users to reclaim their office as a disruption-free workspace.

Another unique feature is in Sennheiser’s “SpeakFocus” technology, and the headset features 3 digital microphones and other advanced microphone technologies that deliver best-in-class voice clarity and optimised speech intelligibility. Sennheiser is widely regarded as a leader in audio technology globally, and the headset provides users with a choice of sound effect modes to get the best-personalised sound via stereo, aptX or AAC formats for a superior sound experience.

The headset also features an advanced “own-voice-detector”. When the user is in a conversation, this detector picks up on this and optimises speech intelligibility as well as reduces background noise for the listener. When no speech is detected, all distracting background noises such as keyboard- or paper rustling sounds are gradually reduced to make the communication experience more enjoyable for the listener.

A similar feature can be found in Sennheiser’s “WindSafe” technology, which reduces wind noise to ensure the clearest possible sound is sent to the listener even in challenging outdoor environments. And for indoor environments, Sennheiser’s “room experience” feature externalising the sound from the user’s head to give the impression that they are having a conversation with a person in the same room. This more realistic sound provides users a more natural and comfortable listening experience during a call.

Other nice touches include “TalkThrough” technology, which allows users to listen to colleagues or keep an ear open for flight/train announcements without removing the headset, while the touchpad allows users to access call and media controls directly: answer/end call, reject, hold, mute/unmute, redial; play/pause music, change track, volume up or down.

This is all wrapped up in pillow-soft leatherette ear pads and ear-shaped ear cup design to ensure comfort, as well as an easy on/off feature by turning the foldable ear cups in for compact storage. The headset also features a hefty 30 hour battery time, and even if it runs out of battery, users can still enjoy using the headset with the included audio cable.

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