Review: Sennheiser’s double-sided wireless DECT SDW 5065 headset

Sennheiser’s double-sided wireless DECT SDW 5065 headset

Sennheiser’s SDW 5065 is a double-sided wireless DECT headset for modern office professionals who need performance, flexibility and comfort in their phone communications

Sennheiser has developed an impressive solution in the SDW 5065 headset, which provides users with a number of features that outclass competitors in the professional office communications field. For all-day users, talk time has been extended through increased battery performance (up to 14 hours narrowband), while long term wearing comfort is enhanced with headband wearing style and soft leatherette ear pads adding effective noise damping to improve productivity.

The SDW 5065 headset also sets new standards with super wideband audio, delivering a voice experience beyond conventional business expectations, and exceptional stereo music reproduction takes DECT headset performance to the next level. Audio is crisp and natural and users can expect it to exceed conventional business standards.

The SDW 5065 headset also performs very well in busy and noisy office environments, thanks to a two-microphone noise-cancelling system and pioneering own-voice detection technology. In testing Sennheiser’s pioneering technology was evident as it delivered exceptional sound for speech intelligibility across a range of both quiet and noisy environments. And for those using the headset for music and multimedia, Sennheiser’s quality stereo sound delivers on expectations.

As a wireless solution, it allows users to stay mobile and connected around the office by handling all softphone/PC and desk phone calls from one smart, secure headset system. The base station is compatible with all SDW 5000 headsets and an optional BTD 800 USB dongle adds a mobile connection. The base station comes with additional connectivity options, including Bluetooth headsets, a wired headset or speakerphone for additional flexibility. Long-distance wireless range also goes up to 180 metres (590 feet) with direct line of sight.

Sennheiser has also thought through security concerns, and the set comes with enhanced security in the form of 128-bit authentication, protected pairing and DECT security certification to keep conversations confidential.

The SDW 5065 set is UC optimised and certified for Skype for Business, with smart call controls and busy light to improve productivity, while the Sennheiser HeadSetup pro manager provides easy configuration and management for IT managers.

All-in-all Sennheiser’s SDW 5065 headset is an impressive solution for office professionals who are looking for a great quality communications solution that provides class-leading performance.

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