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Virgin Galactic HR: powered by people

Challenges are inherent in any start-up, according to Virgin Galactic’s vice president of people, Karen Gifford, who said challenges – especially those which relate to people – are even more pronounced in businesses that are doing something that has never been done before. “With that comes technological hurdles that require […]

4 steps to selecting the right talent

HR leaders should follow four steps in getting the assessment process right when it comes to selecting and hiring the right talent for their business, according to an international HR consulting firm. The first step is to build the return on investment (ROI) for assessment purposes, as better data enables […]

Why 360s don’t work: they aren’t designed to

Achieving the desired behavioural changes that we know is possible from 360 feedback often requires doing less, not more, writes Marc Effron Few talent management practices show as much promise and as few results as 360 feedback. As HR professionals, we faithfully believe that 360 feedback will help managers change […]