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The digital workplace strategy should therefore complement HR initiatives

How to harness the power of the digital workplace

 The integration of digital requirements into most work processes and growing employee digital dexterity are leading to a world where every employee is a “digital employee”, according to Gartner. For organisations, this has profound implications and also presents them with a number of opportunities in the form of increased collaboration, […]

Organisations should consult their learners in the training and development planning process

What do BYOD users want from mobile learning?

While there is a growing acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work, there is a significant mismatch between what learners want and what organisations are providing, according to recent research. For example, users said that they would prefer training for relevant software and tools, leadership development and new […]

How to boost performance through technology

HR functions need to keep up-to-speed with mobility strategies to help workforces become more productive and competitive, as advances in technology change the way organisations operate and communicate. Mobility strategies are fast becoming an area which can help enable businesses to improve competitive edges in cost-efficiency and boost productivity, according […]