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The importance of agility in adapting to change

COVID-19 has shown us that with the right technology backbone and insights, organisations can be agile, they can make strategic and informed decisions to mitigate business risk, take advantage of opportunities, and they can plan for the future, writes Stephen Jack, Managing Director & Vice President, Workday ANZ. The devastation […]

Gary Hamel: the 3 most important challenges for HR leaders

The three most important challenges for HR leaders are to help build an organisation that is adaptable, to create an environment that inspires extraordinary contribution from its people and to help make innovation a systemic capability, according to leading management guru Gary Hamel. Organisations are being challenged by change like […]

4 steps HR can take to improve agility

There are four steps HR leaders can take to help support and build an agile organisation in the face of an increasingly challenging business environment, according to an expert in agile thinking. The acronym VUCA (volatile, uncertain, chaotic, ambiguous) has become a standard part of business vocabulary as responsibilities and […]