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Leadership is what brings strategy alive

Few terms are more misquoted, misapplied and misunderstood than strategy, writes Roger Collins In their efforts to attract attention, authors and marketers have labelled everything from a recipe book to accounting as “strategic”. The rise of strategy reflects our world: lower barriers to entry, disruptive technologies and business models, events […]

Choosing strategy over culture

Understanding how company culture affects strategy implementation, and developing a plan to align them, can be the key to unprecedented success, writes Dave Hanna A global enterprise once surveyed its managers to get their perspectives on success factors in the company. This survey polled managers on what they though it […]

Keys to innovation at Cochlear

There are two important ingredients in innovation, according to Cochlear’s senior vice president of HR, Anne-Marie Leslie The first is to make strategy clear and execute on it, and the second is to remove barriers to personal creativity for employees, she said. “Innovation and creativity come from an environment where […]

How HR can plug the talent-strategy gap

Recruitment functions need to broaden their value proposition and provide better data around talent to help executives shape strategy and meet business needs, according to a recent research report. Conducted by CEB, it found that while two thirds of CEOs report a greater need for talent insight to help inform […]