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The Social Executive, by Dionne Kasian-Lew

RRP: $26.95 Publisher: Wiley Social media has revolutionised professional businesses, with online usership doubling since 2007 to 2.55 billion people, with 91 per cent of this population on social and mobile networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Never before has there been such a boom in online markets. In her […]

How to structure HR for maximum business benefit

Matching the structure of the HR department with how the business is organised has a significant impact on performance, writes Wayne Brockbank The relationship between business strategy and HR strategy has received much attention.  Noticeably less attention has been given to the relationship between corporate strategy and HR strategy. Since […]

What does it take to succeed as a HR leader?

A HR leader’s success can be measured by the presence HR has in the senior management decision making process, and this is an important qualitative measurement that indicates whether HR has become a trusted business partner and has transitioned effectively from an internal compliance function. Furthermore, a seat at the […]

7 steps to earning a seat at the table

In organisations where HR is sidelined or not fully included in business decisions, HR directors need to upgrade their skills around talent management in order to demonstrate its importance in supporting business objectives and value in adding competitive advantage, according to a recent SilkRoad research report. It noted that HR […]