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Companies need to build employees’ change capability to avoid productivity declines

How improving change capability can boost the bottom line

Companies need to build employees’ change capability to avoid productivity declines, according to recent research, which found that organisations may be underestimating the impact that just one change can have on their bottom line. Employees who are stressed by change are five per cent less productive, costing the average organisation […]

HR can play an important role in helping navigate organisational turbulence and uncertainty through change management

5 ways to help lead successful change management

HR can play an important role in helping managers navigate organisational turbulence and uncertainty, writes Jennie Walker “The only thing that is constant is change.” The Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, was the first to pen this popular phrase around 500BC. Its endurance today is certainly a testament to its validity. Yet, […]

3 key trends in executive L&D

Globalisation of the workforce, digital technologies and transformational experiences are three key trends which are changing the face of business schools and education for executives, according to Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD. Workforce globalisation is the first and most significant trend impacting how organisations do business, and Mihov said INSEAD […]

4 steps to creating a high performance mindset

There are many lessons that businesses can learn from Australia’s inspiring and disproportionately large share of sporting success, according to an expert in high performance, who said one of the most interesting parallels is on the subject of ‘mindset’. “Athletes with better coping skills and who courageously execute their game […]

How HR can step up to the strategy plate

HR professionals need to be more confident in their ability and clear about their responsibility for proactively impacting key business areas such as organisational transformation, developing leadership and change capability, according to a global consulting firm. The changing operational nature of HR has been something both practitioners and the profession […]