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Kirsten O’Doherty, general manager ANZ for AbbVie, says talented employees are attracted by the company’s research and development pipeline of medicines

How AbbVie boosts innovation through collaboration

Innovation is the “cornerstone” of biopharmaceutical firm AbbVie, according to its general manager ANZ, Kirsten O’Doherty, who said the company utilises a number of programs and practices to embed innovation in both its culture and approach to business. “We operate in a highly competitive environment, and often in some of the markets that […]

Almost two thirds of HR executives believe that their organisation’s employee base lacks an experientially and intellectually diverse workforce

How experiential diversity can add business value

While creating gender and ethnically diverse workforces has been a longstanding focus for many organisations, HR leaders increasingly want to cultivate a workforce that has a varied representation of ideas through employing people of different educational and professional backgrounds. In fact, almost two thirds of HR executives believe that their […]