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Engineering great talent at Ausenco

HR has played an important role in the expansion of global engineering firm Ausenco, as it has expanded significantly through the acquisition of five companies over the past seven years, according to its chief people & sustainability officer and CIO, Neil Trembath. Ausenco, which is based in Brisbane but operates […]

Working with several corporations has revealed that inside-out and outside-in approaches are important, but the sequencing and connecting of them is the secret key that unlocks true transformation.

The key to organisational change

The traditional “inside-out” and “outside-in” approaches to organisational change are still relevant, but connecting them is the key that unlocks true transformation, writes Dave Hanna “Organisational transformation” is the latest term for moving an organisation to better results. Though the term may be new, the dynamics of making change happen […]

HR leaders can help managers carve out reflection time by promoting and even helping to organise sessions focused on lessons learned, both for managers and teams.

Reflection: the first step in transformation

Dedicating time to active and purposeful reflection can give us new insights that then plant the seeds for new ways of thinking, writes Jennie Walker  The word “transformation” may evoke images of action – starting something new, stopping something that isn’t working, working harder to reach a goal. But it […]

Leading organisational transformation. Source: iStock

How to lead transformation

Organisational transformation is often a tough and usually brutal process, but it need not be so. Michael Bunting explores how leaders can make it easier and put rocket fuel into organisational transformation efforts True leaders, great leaders, have the foresight to keep their people engaged, especially when it comes to […]

There are a number of benefits to having an agreed set of standards in your team or organisation. An organisation must work to turn existing values into standards.

How to turn values into standards

Turning your organisation’s values into a set of shared standards can have an immediate and lasting impact on your culture and performance, writes Dr Peter Fuda Every organisation has values. The challenge, however, is that these are usually different from those written on the poster. To cite an infamous example, […]