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Could understanding different generations be a key source of future competitive advantage?

How HR can ride the waves of generational change

With Generation Z now starting to enter the workforce and Baby Boomers beginning to retire, it is imperative that organisations understand the profound psychological differences in how the various generations think, act and lead, according to a recent report. By understanding the personality traits that drive Generation Y, Generation X […]

HR should rely on the facts in determining how they add value to business, not rely on existing HR folklore. Source: iStock

Busting common HR folklore with science

We have a responsibility to make fact-based decisions for our clients. The more science-based those facts are, the better decisions we’ll make, writes Marc Effron HR should always “start with the science”. When we don’t start with the science, we make poor quality decisions that negatively affect the design of […]

There is increased demand for the hiring of contract HR professionals with specialist expertise. Source: iStock

Change projects increases demand for contract HR specialists

Many organisations are currently going through significant transformation processes, and this has led to increased demand for professionals with experience in change management, organisational development, instructional designers and trainers to support systems, process improvement and leadership, according to a global recruitment firm. However, companies are taking a very selective and […]

New research on the 6 emerging megatrends reveals more than a quarter of the Australian workforce will switch jobs by 2018. Source: iStock

How to head off 6 key trends that will increase attrition

There are six emerging “megatrends” which are fundamentally changing relationships between businesses, their customers and employees, and which will have an increasingly significant impact on employee engagement levels and future retention strategies, according to a recent research report. Megatrends are lasting, deep-seated developments with far-reaching effects on societies, economies and […]