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The top career aspiration among employees is achieving a good work/life balance

Employers underestimate importance of work/life balance

There is a major disconnect between employers’ performance goals and employees’ key drivers and aspirations, according to a recent research report, which found that employees value work/life balance over achievement and salary. The report found that the top career aspiration among employees is achieving a good work/life balance, and the […]

Could understanding different generations be a key source of future competitive advantage?

How HR can ride the waves of generational change

With Generation Z now starting to enter the workforce and Baby Boomers beginning to retire, it is imperative that organisations understand the profound psychological differences in how the various generations think, act and lead, according to a recent report. By understanding the personality traits that drive Generation Y, Generation X […]

Performance is mostly driven by an ability to perform under pressure when needed most. This is assisted by a performance mindset. Source: Thinkstock

4 steps to creating a high performance mindset

There are many lessons that businesses can learn from Australia’s inspiring and disproportionately large share of sporting success, according to an expert in high performance, who said one of the most interesting parallels is on the subject of ‘mindset’. “Athletes with better coping skills and who courageously execute their game […]