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Organisations need to evaluate their talent acquisition strategies to ensure they are best able to target candidates across multiple generations

3 keys to talent acquisition in the new world of work

The new world of work is significantly different, and businesses will need to respond differently to attract, engage and retain skilled workers, writes Tim Powell While it is right to recognise the differences between different generations of talent and account for them accordingly, fundamentally the key elements to attract and retain are true and […]

Engaging people and engaging them well on a sustainable basis is becoming a clear differentiator for organisation’s and their employee value proposition

What’s in store for the future of employee engagement?

How will organisations cope with technology and developments in tools like social media, while preserving human interaction and maintaining a relationship with employees? Mel Tunbridge explores this and examines what best-in-class employee engagement programs will look like in the future Making engagement happen is the ultimate objective for organisations today. Real employee […]

An employer brand belongs to employees, which can make it difficult for organisations to control. A strong EVP is critical for attracting the right talent.

6 keys to developing a great employer brand

In building an employer brand with a view to attracting the right talent, embedding the brand message into employees is key to driving any brand’s success and attracting the right candidates, according to a Sydney-based branding agency. “Your brand is not what you say it is, rather it’s what people […]