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Poorly performing companies’ professionals had 20 per cent more blind spots than those working at financially strong companies, demonstrating the importance of self-awareness.

How self-awareness delivers better shareholder returns

Companies with a higher rate of return (ROR) for shareholders also employ professionals who exhibit higher levels of self-awareness, according to Korn Ferry research. “Self-awareness can directly translate into better choices, and result in more fulfilling careers,” said Joy Hazucha, global vice president of the Korn Ferry Institute. “On the […]

Companies with a convincing HR story and strong metrics data to back it up are likely to receive a welcome reception from many institutional investors

What HR metrics are investors most interested in?

While human capital management can play a significant role in a company’s financial performance, investors face significant challenges in attempting to incorporate human capital metrics into investment analyses, a recent study has found. The analysis of 92 studies that focus on HR links to corporate financial performance found that a […]

The relationship between HR and finance is necessary.

Can finance really love HR?

HR executives and their finance counterparts believe a stronger partnership is in their future, especially when it comes to helping their organisations boost performance and improve their return on investment in people. The two functions agree on many people- and performance-related issues, but diverge in terms of how broadly and […]