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Performance is mostly driven by an ability to perform under pressure when needed most. This is assisted by a performance mindset. Source: Thinkstock

4 steps to creating a high performance mindset

There are many lessons that businesses can learn from Australia’s inspiring and disproportionately large share of sporting success, according to an expert in high performance, who said one of the most interesting parallels is on the subject of ‘mindset’. “Athletes with better coping skills and who courageously execute their game […]

Alignment of team members to strategy is crucial for success, says Starlight CEO Louise Baxter

Starlight CEO on driving high performance

Role clarity is an absolute necessity for a high-performing team, according to the CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation, Louise Baxter, who said team members need know their role, what is expected from them, how they are measured and how they can impact strategy. Alignment to strategy is crucial, she said: […]

There are a number of steps HR and business can take to build partnerships

How HR can build a culture of partnerships

One secret ingredient of high performers is their ability to turn transactional relationships into partnerships, writes Dave Hanna Of all the talent management initiatives you pursue, how many are focused on harnessing the talents of those outside your organisation? One secret ingredient of high performers is their ability to turn […]

Organisations can benefit by thinking about talent building as collective behaviour that enhances current performance or enables organisational adaptation and transformation.

How to take the shackles off talent management

There are considerable rewards in rethinking what we mean by talent and how it can also be led, writes Roger Collins Great talent makes a great difference. The best available evidence indicates that appointing people who are one standard deviation above the mean on the relevant criteria can deliver more […]