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The world of HR technology is innovative, exciting, and employee-focused

What are the 3 big HR technology disruptions for 2018?

The world of HR technology is innovative, exciting, and employee-focused, according to Josh Bersin, who observes that the market is in a major cycle of innovation I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend three of the world’s largest HR technology conferences, and let me just say: things are changing faster than ever. […]

How intelligent is your HR system?

The analytic functionality of modern HR software is meaningless without the right interest, creativity and skill of HR leaders, writes Rob Scott You wouldn’t be wrong if the first words that sprung to mind as you read the title were “analytics” or “big data”, as they represent two of the […]

There’s more to SaaS than simplicity

Despite the simplicity and effectiveness of new SaaS tools, maximum value will only be realised by making fundamental changes to key areas in business, writes Rob Scott You could be forgiven for thinking the relative simplicity and user-friendliness of modern HR SaaS solutions need less business transformation effort to embed […]

How to get the best value out of HR systems

There is a direct relationship between organisational maturity levels and the value derived from HR systems, writes Rob Scott Clients often ask me what the primary influencer is when selecting new HR software, and are generally surprised when I respond that they should first ask their executive management team what […]