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The importance of agility in adapting to change

COVID-19 has shown us that with the right technology backbone and insights, organisations can be agile, they can make strategic and informed decisions to mitigate business risk, take advantage of opportunities, and they can plan for the future, writes Stephen Jack, Managing Director & Vice President, Workday ANZ. The devastation […]

4 triggers of poor employee behaviour and how to prevent them

Humans are social creatures. Over the millennia of our existence, we’ve formed collaborative societies that have specific responsibilities for individuals. Many of these are hierarchical communities, where responsibility is rewarded by status and privilege. In workplaces, these symbols include job titles, parking spaces, office size, and deference to one’s expertise […]


Rising to the Millennial Challenge

The millennials offer the opportunity for work cultures to be more competitive in today’s global marketplace. Think about it – moving faster, collaborating more, increasing practical coaching, and aiming for meaningful accomplishments. All of this in today’s marketplace where these very attributes are beginning to separate the dominant companies from […]