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The role of HR in business continuity

The current crisis has placed specific challenges on HR professionals in terms of managing a workforce that may have suddenly become remote. Meeting the workforce where they are and making them feel supported is a great start to delivering on employee expectations, writes Rowan Tonkin, Senior Director HR Transformation at Oracle. […]


Rethinking Dashboards for HR Analytics

Just because you provide users with “analytic evidence” doesn’t mean they’ll believe it, and in some cases, it only serves to cements their current view or bias. Here is a key lesson: Data analytics and visualisation is a creative activity, and unfortunately not everyone is going to like or appreciate […]


A data-driven approach to HR

A long-term, data-driven approach to HR will help businesses to understand the factors that make effective people management programs work, identify skills gaps, and make informed personnel decisions for the greater good of the business, writes Jane Crofts, Founder of Data To The People In the face of a rapidly changing […]