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Strategies to consider in pursuit of improving productivity and innovation.

5 ways to boost productivity and innovation

Engaged employees are at least three and a half times more likely than disengaged employees to be committed to improving productivity, and almost five times more likely than disengaged employees to say their organisation is committed to bringing innovative products and services to the marketplace. A recent research report, which […]

People can be part of the same game and still different. Innovation is all about creating wealth by connecting diverse viewpoints

How HR can boost innovation through diversity

Diversity can play an important role in improving innovation, and HR professionals take a number of steps to improve diversity and link this to higher levels of innovation within organisations, according to management thought leader Fons Trompenaars. “HR leaders must try to get more out of diversity instead of minimising […]

Bruce Highfield: lifting the agribusiness bar

A clear business vision and focus on development and innovation through internal sharing of knowledge and expertise have been key to the success of the world’s largest, diversified farmer, Olam International, according to its head of HR. Agriculture is Australia’s most productive sector, and Olam’s ‎executive general manager human resources […]

Customer Focused Process Innovation, by David Hamme

RRP: $47.95 Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education Customer Focused Process Innovation by David Hamme is a detailed guide with step-by-step advice on how to develop and execute a business improvement plan with customers in mind. This book is relevant to all businesses that are looking to improve internal alignment and external customer service, […]

How Transurban manages talent

A key to the success of Transurban, one of the largest toll road owners and operators in the world, has been the identification of core capabilities that is needs to enable and execute on strategy across five areas: network planning and forecasting; operations and customer management; project development and delivery; […]