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Keys to innovation at Cochlear

There are two important ingredients in innovation, according to Cochlear’s senior vice president of HR, Anne-Marie Leslie The first is to make strategy clear and execute on it, and the second is to remove barriers to personal creativity for employees, she said. “Innovation and creativity come from an environment where […]

Virgin Galactic HR: powered by people

Challenges are inherent in any start-up, according to Virgin Galactic’s vice president of people, Karen Gifford, who said challenges – especially those which relate to people – are even more pronounced in businesses that are doing something that has never been done before. “With that comes technological hurdles that require […]

Leadership is upside Down, by Silvia Damiano

RRP: $50.99 Publisher: About my Brain There have always been many expectations and pressures on leaders at the top. However, in her book, Leadership is Upside Down, Damiano looks at leadership through a new lense by turning the pyramid upside down and encouraging everybody to embrace their own leadership. She […]