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Anthony Woodward, CEO Bulletproof Networks, says that within fast growth companies, leadership is about articulating a vision. Image source: Bulletproof Networks

HR secrets of fast growth companies

Vision and leadership are a key part of the HR strategies that keep Australia’s fast growth companies growing, according to their CEOs. This is about making sure everyone knows exactly why they are there and what their companies are trying to achieve, and Owen Kerr, CEO of FX broker Pepperstone […]

Michelle Zimany, human resources director of business – ANZ at Sanofi

6 keys for getting ahead in the HR business

Aspiring HR leaders need to remain curious about their business from a commercial perspective and be open to new and effective ways of making a positive impact on the business, according to Michelle Zimany, human resources director – ANZ at Sanofi. “You need to really understand what the business issues […]

Business culture results

Why culture matters to business

Paying attention to culture does matter to the business, because it is a company’s culture that fuels the dominant drivers of share price today, writes Dave Hanna Organisational culture is a topic that continues to polarise the corporate world. My definition of culture is very simply “the way we do […]

entrepreneurial research advisor

5 steps to building an entrepreneurial culture

Big businesses could drive economic growth and help their employees adopt entrepreneurial behaviours that foster innovation and growth by encouraging a culture of “intrapreneurialism” The buzzword “intrapreneurs” was coined in the 1980s by management consultant Gifford Pinchot and is often used by organisations that recognise the need for new and […]