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Companies need to rethink management development to take into account the nature of high-stress workplaces as they diminish people’s readiness to learn

4 steps for HR to better management development

Companies need to rethink corporate learning and management development to take into account the nature of today’s high-stress workplaces as they diminish people’s readiness to learn, according to an expert in neuroscience and leader performance. Typically associated with schools, being ready to learn is actually critical to understanding what people […]

What organisations and schools crave is behavioural and social change: things far better understood, measured, and impacted outside of neuroscience

HR: beware the pitfalls of brain science in L&D

HR professionals should beware anyone peddling ‘brain-based’ interventions for learning and development, according to an expert in the field, who said perhaps the largest misconception in this field is the role of ‘neuroscience’ in learning, memory, and performance. “Everywhere you turn, people are shouting from the rooftops about the importance […]

Training and development needs to be more than just workshops delivering death by PowerPoint, with very limited effect back on the job

3 ways learning and development programs come unstuck

Most organisations are not translating the theory into practice with L&D programs, and there are three notable areas where most companies commonly fail in this area, according to an L&D expert. The first challenge of learning and development is engaging participants before and after face-to-face learning, so learning can be highly […]

Organisations should consult their learners in the training and development planning process

What do BYOD users want from mobile learning?

While there is a growing acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work, there is a significant mismatch between what learners want and what organisations are providing, according to recent research. For example, users said that they would prefer training for relevant software and tools, leadership development and new […]