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Rob Phipps, chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, says the business actively aims to boost customer engagement through frontline staff

How KFC builds its brand through engagement

Learning and development is like the “bread and butter” of KFC, according to its chief people officer for KFC SOPAC, Rob Phipps, who said that L&D has evolved within the organisation to play an important role in customer engagement through frontline staff. “If an employee is not trained, developed or […]

3 key steps to establishing L&D ROI

A greater portion of overall learning and development (L&D) budgets is being allocated to leadership in order to prime the leadership pump and develop high potential leaders, according to a global online learning company. Organisations are trending toward investments that sustain a journey of leadership development, and this shift is […]

Infosys’ 3 keys to talent management

A clear focus on succession planning and leadership, a unique career architecture and a closely aligned training and development program are three keys that have enabled Infosys to attract, develop and retain talent, according to its local head of HR. Training and development is the most important element of talent […]