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How savvy is your organisation?

Corporate savviness is a holistic measure of how effective your organisation is. Murad Salman Mirza details the corporate savviness barometer and outlines the process of assessing how savvy your business is Corporate savviness is an organisational characteristic that refers to the enterprising use of a collection of core organisational competencies, ie, Key Savviness […]

Engagement: the core of a high performance culture

When designing organisational elements to improve performance, a fundamental consideration in this process is how changes impact an individual’s daily work, writes Dave Hanna Many design efforts to shape a high performance culture appropriately scrutinise the values, processes and systems that must be aligned. One aspect of developing a high […]

Why companies need a different kind of individual leaders

It’s time to move beyond leadership as an individual competence, to organisational capability, writes Roger Collins Individual leaders often make a great difference to events and outcomes. But it also masks the roles and contributions of significant others who complement and enable high profile leaders to achieve great things. It […]