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Reflection: the first step in transformation

Dedicating time to active and purposeful reflection can give us new insights that then plant the seeds for new ways of thinking, writes Jennie Walker  The word “transformation” may evoke images of action – starting something new, stopping something that isn’t working, working harder to reach a goal. But it […]

The leadership challenges of transformations

Successful transformations require that we think beyond leadership as individual behaviour and more as an organisational capability, writes Roger Collins Transformations represent fundamental and irreversible changes that are required for survival and sustained success. They require deep organisational interventions akin to a frontal lobotomy rather than a dosage of aspirin. […]

How to lead transformation

Organisational transformation is often a tough and usually brutal process, but it need not be so. Michael Bunting explores how leaders can make it easier and put rocket fuel into organisational transformation efforts True leaders, great leaders, have the foresight to keep their people engaged, especially when it comes to […]

How HR can step up to the strategy plate

HR professionals need to be more confident in their ability and clear about their responsibility for proactively impacting key business areas such as organisational transformation, developing leadership and change capability, according to a global consulting firm. The changing operational nature of HR has been something both practitioners and the profession […]