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There is an expectation on the part of investors and shareholders that organisations will be able to evidence improvements in gender diversity

What HR metrics do investors and shareholders look for?

There is an increased expectation from investors and shareholders that organisations will be able to evidence improvements in gender diversity because of the link between gender diversity and financial performance, according to AMP Capital. “When we meet with company boards, we ask directors for updates on issues like gender diversity, safety and […]

How to get started with predictive workforce analytics

While there is much buzz about the use of data and analytics in HR, most organisations have yet to establish predictive workforce analytics programs or figure out how such efforts could benefit their businesses. A recent report, which looked at the best practices of five companies currently using predictive workforce […]

How CBA drives success through predictive analytics

A key step in the Commonwealth Bank’s predictive analytics journey has been to create advocacy from within the HR function itself in order to assist the broader business, according to the bank’s EGM of group people services, Andrew Culleton. When the bank’s exploratory and predictive analytics tool, PeopleInsights, was first launched, Culleton said the […]

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What are 3 key capabilities of future HR leaders?

The next generation of HR professionals will be a different breed from the current incumbents and there are three professional capabilities which will be critical for HR leaders in the future, according to an expert in the area. The first key professional capability is business acuity, in which future HR […]