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Organisations need to take a more holistic approach to talent assessment, and think more critically about screening tools

6 steps for HR: how to build a great talent strategy

The ability of companies to identify and develop talent for key future roles is in question, as research has found only 30 per cent of local organisations believe their current approach to assessment and talent identification will assist with future workforce needs. More than half (53 per cent) of organisations […]

The pace of change has quickened for most businesses and is beginning to have a hugely disruptive effect on business

4 keys for HR to do more with less through technology

Technology will play an increasingly important role in helping HR professionals facilitate business outcomes through providing them with insights into the expertise of individuals, enabling them to recognise unusual career paths and assemble teams to solve specific problems, according to a recent research report. However, the problem with many organisations […]

HR needs to help and train line managers in understanding the ethical implications of business analytics

The ethics of analytics: why HR needs to help management

As analytics plays an increasingly influential role in helping organisations make certain business decisions, HR professionals need to help and train line managers in understanding the ethical implications of this process, according to a recruitment expert. “With great power comes great responsibility,” said Bill Boorman, managing director of technology & […]

4 key lessons in analytics from the Heart Foundation

There are a number of important keys to developing and executing on a successful analytics strategy that educates and engages senior executives, according to The Heart Foundation’s HR director, Julie Shearman. Central to the organisation’s five-year HR plan, which is closely aligned to its broader strategy, has been the development […]