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Organisations and HR can move the absentee rate dial down to improve significant bottom line savings

How to reduce absentee costs through analytics

For a large organisation, each percent point drop in absentee rates can mean savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more. Piyanka Jain explores how organisations and HR can move the absentee rate dial down to improve significant bottom line savings No one will dispute unplanned absenteeism is a costly problem […]

HR needs extreme makeover: business leaders

The gap is widening between what business leaders want and what HR is delivering, according to a global research report, which found that HR needs an extreme makeover driven by the need to deliver greater business impact and drive HR and business innovation. The Deloitte 2015 Global Human Capital Trends […]

The rise of the head of people analytics

As CEOs want richer information about human capital and as organisations seek to make sense of an abundance of data through analytics tools, the head of people analytics is emerging as an important executive role, according to a global executive search firm. “With the richness of data available to organisations […]