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Nitro COO, Gina O’Reilly, says a focus on the employee experience has been key to the company's success

Why Nitro ditched HR for the employee experience

Commercial software development company Nitro has dispensed with traditional HR and embraced a new model around the employee experience in a bid to drive better business results, according to its COO, Gina O’Reilly. The company has “ditched the old traditional nomenclature around HR – not because we don’t have a […]

There is an expectation on the part of investors and shareholders that organisations will be able to evidence improvements in gender diversity

What HR metrics do investors and shareholders look for?

There is an increased expectation from investors and shareholders that organisations will be able to evidence improvements in gender diversity because of the link between gender diversity and financial performance, according to AMP Capital. “When we meet with company boards, we ask directors for updates on issues like gender diversity, safety and […]

HR best practices and workforce culture alignment

The best of best practices

Creating alignment between HR and your company’s business requirements is the first step towards developing valuable HR best practice, writes Wayne Brockbank Through myriad books, journals, consultants and professional associations, HR is on a continual drive to identify best practices. In the midst of our drive for HR best practices, […]

5 steps to developing a cutting edge HR strategy

The growing global economy has created a new set of talent and workforce challenges, and HR strategies need to adapt accordingly, writes Josh Bersin How compelling, up to date and business relevant is your HR strategy? Our research shows that now is the time to revisit this question. First, what […]