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Where performance management meets profit & productivity

The traditional approach to performance management is broken, and companies need to create a self-sustaining feedback flow that feeds itself and becomes effortless, writes Georgia Murch Deloitte’s research and costing tells us that an annual appraisal for 65,000 staff took 2 million hours. Expedia says it mostly wanted to ‘re-humanise’ […]

Caroline Bosch on Honeywell’s HR success story

A consistent and relentless focus on executing against a business model which includes three essential parts – portfolio, internal processes and culture – has been fundamental to the impressive financial performance of technology-driven industrial company Honeywell, according to its Pacific country HR director, Caroline Bosch. The total shareowner return over the […]

8 key trends in performance management for HR

Almost half of employers intend to change their approach to performance management within the next 18 months, according to research from Mercer. And of the 48 per cent of employers planning to make imminent changes to their performance management systems, 67 per cent say the changes will be significant or […]

5 keys to high performance in today’s workplace

Josh Bersin discusses the five key changes HR can implement to ensure business performance flourishes in today’s new world of work High performance in today’s workplace is increasingly difficult. People are flooded with emails, text messages, conference calls and meetings (we call this “the overwhelmed employee” problem, which almost three-quarters […]