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There are six non-financial factors that matter most to technology talent

6 keys to attracting the best technology talent

There are six non-financial factors that matter most to technology talent and HR needs to leverage these drivers in order to boost recruitment and retention, according to a recent report. Lifestyle perks and wellbeing are taken seriously in technology companies, and everything from in-house chefs, diving trips in Bermuda and […]

95 per cent of managers dissatisfied with the way their companies conduct performance reviews

3 keys to successfully re-engineering performance reviews

While there has been much talk of organisations killing their traditional performance review process, only 5 per cent of organisations are considering, or planning to, eliminate their rating scale entirely, according to recent research. It found that managers spend more than 200 hours per year on activities related to performance […]

There is a high level of dissatisfaction with traditional performance management

8 key trends in performance management for HR

Almost half of employers intend to change their approach to performance management within the next 18 months, according to research from Mercer. And of the 48 per cent of employers planning to make imminent changes to their performance management systems, 67 per cent say the changes will be significant or […]

What form of goal setting, team management and tools should we use to actually improve productivity?

How HR can drive productivity

If we focus on the tools and practices managers need to drive performance, the value HR adds can go up by orders of magnitude, writes Josh Bersin One of the most frustrating HR practices in business today is the annual performance appraisal or performance management process. While most companies continue […]