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Minter Ellison's Gordon Williams advises employers to pre-empt potential cocktail claims

Employee cocktail claims on the rise

There has been an increase in the number of ‘cocktail claims’, in which employees bring one action comprising multiple claims against their employers, according to law firm Minter Ellison “Managing employee cocktail claims can be a difficult, lengthy and very expensive process, so be proactive and avoid unnecessary risks,” said […]

There are 5 elements to creating an irresistible organisation and address employee disengagement before it becomes a problem. Source: Thinkstock

5 steps to building an irresistible organisation

There are five elements to creating a work environment that attracts, excites and engages younger, ambitious and highly talented people, writes Josh Bersin Businesses have gone through tremendous stress over the past few years… and so has the workforce. The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 report shows that as […]

The University of Melbourne's professor Bill Harley is looking improve the manager link to productivity

How to improve the managerial link to productivity

Debates around productivity improvement are largely inconsequential unless organisations can find and implement innovative ways to build management capabilities and encourage effective people management, according to The University of Melbourne. “Centralised HR functions can put in place policies and procedures to encourage good practice, but we know that to be […]

David Arkell, GE Australia & New Zealand’s HR leader

GE: annual performance reviews are dead

The annual performance review system is “dead”, and employees and their managers need a more engaging and regular process for managing performance, according to David Arkell, GE Australia & New Zealand’s human resources leader. “The annual performance review is dead,” he said. “It’s a dramatic comment, but the concept of […]

What’s your talent philosophy?

Few companies have an explicit talent management philosophy, but it’s a straightforward process to develop and implement one, writes Marc Effron Could you say that your company has clear guidelines for how long it’s OK to be an average (50th percentile) performer? Or could you say there is consensus among […]