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HR professionals can play a significant role in taking a more creative and innovative approach to L&D

Why HR is the most important profession on the planet

Most organisations and employees mismanage their minds, brains and thinking, and this is made worse by a trend towards forcing the brain to increasingly think in a computer-like fashion, according to an expert in creativity, leadership and thinking. Organisations and employees who utilise their brains and its potential at work, […]

Leadership is upside Down, by Silvia Damiano

RRP: $50.99 Publisher: About my Brain There have always been many expectations and pressures on leaders at the top. However, in her book, Leadership is Upside Down, Damiano looks at leadership through a new lense by turning the pyramid upside down and encouraging everybody to embrace their own leadership. She […]

Myopic organisations missing talent opportunities

A predisposition among Australian employers toward an ‘ideal worker’ profile puts organisations at risk of missing out on ‘quality’ local talents and opportunities to build loyalty, a diverse culture and boost productivity. A recent research report found that both employees and decision-makers believe that being male and perpetually available with […]

The relationship between HR and finance is necessary.

Can finance really love HR?

HR executives and their finance counterparts believe a stronger partnership is in their future, especially when it comes to helping their organisations boost performance and improve their return on investment in people. The two functions agree on many people- and performance-related issues, but diverge in terms of how broadly and […]