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Rethinking Dashboards for HR Analytics

Just because you provide users with “analytic evidence” doesn’t mean they’ll believe it, and in some cases, it only serves to cements their current view or bias. Here is a key lesson: Data analytics and visualisation is a creative activity, and unfortunately not everyone is going to like or appreciate […]

would HR professionals be as enthusiastic about HR technologies if they contained Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability

Artificial intelligence: are HR professionals at risk?

Are we ready to be pushed down the proverbial pecking order of importance by sophisticated AI technology? asks Rob Scott Very few HR and talent professionals would refute the value that technology has brought to their operations. HR functions have leveraged these tools to become efficient, effective, collaborative, engaging and […]

Moblie smartphones are becoming the preferred method of connecting, communicating and accessing information or analytics in the work environment

Why mobile access gives you HR credibility

Maximising the value of and returns from your HR system means embracing technological change, writes Rob Scott We literally don’t need to look much further than 5 to 10 metres around us to realise the significant penetration of smartphones into our personal and work lives. In fact, Australia has one […]

How intelligent is your HR system?

The analytic functionality of modern HR software is meaningless without the right interest, creativity and skill of HR leaders, writes Rob Scott You wouldn’t be wrong if the first words that sprung to mind as you read the title were “analytics” or “big data”, as they represent two of the […]