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Want leaders to change for good? Search Inside Yourself

The Search Inside Yourself Program is a remarkably effective approach for facilitating growth and development in both organisations and their leadership teams, writes Craig Donaldson Course review: Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program Duration: Two days onsite + four-week follow-up Cost: $995 – $1500 Most personal growth and self-development programs for […]

Poorly performing companies’ professionals had 20 per cent more blind spots than those working at financially strong companies, demonstrating the importance of self-awareness.

How self-awareness delivers better shareholder returns

Companies with a higher rate of return (ROR) for shareholders also employ professionals who exhibit higher levels of self-awareness, according to Korn Ferry research. “Self-awareness can directly translate into better choices, and result in more fulfilling careers,” said Joy Hazucha, global vice president of the Korn Ferry Institute. “On the […]

The leadership challenges of transformations

Successful transformations require that we think beyond leadership as individual behaviour and more as an organisational capability, writes Roger Collins Transformations represent fundamental and irreversible changes that are required for survival and sustained success. They require deep organisational interventions akin to a frontal lobotomy rather than a dosage of aspirin. […]