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10 talent management activities to stop doing right now

You can radically simplify your talent management practices by eliminating activities that don’t add value, writes Marc Effron 1. Eliminate “happy labels” on your performance management scale. Telling Suzy that she was “highly valued” or Bobby that he was a “star performer” provides no valuable information. The quest to create […]

7 ways to identify tomorrow’s leaders today

Leadership, personal drive and communication skills are the core attributes of emerging leaders within multinational organisations, according to a new Hudson report that explores key traits of high potential individuals. The report found that emerging leaders are typically extroverts with strong communication and persuasion skills who position themselves as leaders […]

HR: a supply chain of talent?

HR can learn and apply a number of lessons from the world of supply chain management, according to DDI Australia’s managing director, Bruce Watt, who said HR had the potential to add more value to an organisation. “If you contemplate what the most critical role of HR is, it is […]

Unilever’s keys to leadership success

One of the biggest challenges for learning professionals when it comes to leadership development is that they can lose focus of the bigger strategy picture and their functional expertise may unintentionally obstruct business drivers, according to Daan Van Den Broek, vice-president human resources for Unilever ANZ. “At Unilever, we make […]